I sing the battery electric

Victoria Crawford
Chiang Mai, Thailand (Summer 2017)


One, two nights there came an odd flutter
when half asleep, half awake, on my left side,
as slight as a moth’s wings might stutter,
a beat— lopsided, not to be denied.

My five year old maker unpaced me,
potholed cadences , the rhythm of my life:
five years for the electric battery,
four or five for me maybe, then the knife.

Is change truly possible? I tried.
A sedentary life doesn’t do the trick,
So with dogged new habits as my guide,
now I sing the battery electric.

Doctor says in seven years let’s arrange,
—she assumes I’m here— a battery change.



VICTORIA CRAWFORD was an information specialist in the early days of Medline who has maintained her interest in medicine as a writer and poet and more recently, as a caregiver for a dementia patient and as a heart patient with a pacemaker she is completely grateful for. She has written health oriented poetry for publication and for the joy of wellness and healing.


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