Volume 7, Issue 3 – Summer 2015

Published in Chicago by the Hektoen Institute of Medicine

In this issue we publish Dr. Christopher Frank’s winning Grand Prix article on how Glasgow nurses were shielded against drug addicts by glass barricades; and Natalia Vieyra’s winning Silver Prize on morphinomania in Parisian society. We offer works by Masolino, Franciabigio, Taddeo Gaddi, and Winslow Homer; tours of Alcatraz and Broadmoor; visits to ancient Persia, Magna Graecia, and Byzantium; and notes on Luigi Galvani, Frantisek Chvostek, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. We report on the history of several epidemics; on clowns in hospitals and on black barber shops; and how once upon a time fees for physicians were honorary and not binding or recoverable in the courts.