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Tag: X-Ray Photography

  • Elizabeth Fleischmann-Aschheim

    Rebekah Abramovich New York, United States Fig 1. Fleischmann Examining a patient with a fluoroscope (Camera Craft, June 1901). Courtesy of Palmquist Elizabeth Fleischmann-Aschheim (1865–1905) opened California’s first X-ray photography laboratory in 1896, merely one year after Roentgen’s discovery. Over the course of the next decade, this unlikely figure would become one of the most…

  • X-ray art

    Byung Kook Kwak Chung-Ang University Hospital, Seoul, Korea   A radiologist uses medical imaging instruments to peer inside the human body in the search of abnormality, but the product of medical imaging, the x-ray, is also a form of photography. Like light, x-rays inherently sensitize a film or plate. As the x-ray penetrates an object,…