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The Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune, a testament to the health benefits of religious charity and vineyards

Kate Elizabeth Shipman Sudarshan Ramachandran Birmingham, United Kingdom   Introduction Exterior shot of L’Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune, Burgundy, taken from within the central courtyard. (photographed by S Ramachandran) Charitable hospitals are fairly ubiquitous worldwide and are often associated with religion. Indeed the earliest known institutes devoted to healing were Egyptian temples, followed by ancient Greek temples devoted […]

Sydney Hospital

Julie Gianakon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States    Sydney Hospital, from above In May of 1797, growing discontent among sailors of the Royal Navy erupted into the infamous Mutiny of the Nore. William Redfern was nineteen years old and the surgeon’s mate on board the HMS Standard.  Sympathetic to the sailors’ demands for better pay and […]

The Craiglockhart War Hospital of Edinburgh

Georgina Weatherdon SHO NHS Lothian hospitals    Craiglockhart War Hospital Photography by Brideshead Was it the ghost of autumn in that smell Of underground, or God’s blank heart grown kind, That sent a happy dream to him in hell?— Where men are crushed like clods, and crawl to find Some crater for their wretchedness; who […]

Maynard-Columbus Hospital

Erin K. Crouch Fairbanks, Alaska, United States   Exterior of Maynard Columbus Hospital, Nome, 1913-1934 From the University of Washington digital collections Finding gold in 1898 transformed a stretch of tundra just four degrees south of the Arctic Circle into a cabin city of tents, logs, and 20,000 prospectors, including claim jumpers, men of fortune, […]

Hospital Municipal Sebastião Martins Alves, Lençóis, Bahia

Eleanor Stanford    Hospital Municipal Sebastião Martins Alves, Lençóis, Bahia Hospital Municipal Sebastião Martins Alves is not a historically significant hospital. It is not well equipped, nor particularly clean (though it is not particularly dirty, either). It is not well staffed, nor is it on the cutting edge of any medical advances. (There are few […]

The Spedale of Santa Maria Nuova in Florence

Donatella Lippi Luigi Padeletti Florence, Italy   The spedale of Santa Maria Nuova was founded in June 1288 by Folco di Ricovero dei Portinari, father of Dante’s Beatrice, who bought some houses in the centre of Florence to receive poor people who needed help. At first the hospital could only accept men from the large […]

Colonial madness: The Public Hospital of Williamsburg, Virginia

Brian Andrew Sharpless Pullman, United States   The founding of the hospital The Public Hospital of Williamsburg Although it is widely known that the first hospital in the United States was the Pennsylvania Hospital (founded in 1751 in Philadelphia), few may realize that the first American hospital devoted exclusively to treating the mentally ill was […]

Royal Hospital Haslar: end of an era

Ben Williamson London, United Kingdom   In March 2007 Surgeon Captain Campbell lowered the flag and led his staff on a march out of the Royal Hospital Haslar, marking the closure of the United Kingdom’s last dedicated military hospital.1 The hospital had been at the core of the care system for the United Kingdom’s Royal […]

The Endell Street Military Hospital

Anne Cooper Stanmore, Australia   An Operation at the Military Hospital, Endell Street – Dr L Garrett, Dr Flora Murray, Dr W Buckley Francis Dodd, 1920. Imperial War Museum, London In 1914, when Britain declared war on Germany, the women of Britain were still being denied the vote. The parliament, headed by liberal Prime Minister […]

The National Anti-Vivisection Hospital, London

Alan W.H. Bates,  London, United Kingdom    The Anti-Vivisection Hospital in the 1930s. Photograph courtesy of Peter Maleczec. Source: Flickr In 1935, the National Anti-Vivisection Hospital was in trouble. Its nurses gave up their holidays to raise money, and residents of London’s deprived district of Battersea, which the hospital served, gave their savings, but it […]