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  • Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and X-rays

    Arpan K. Banerjee Solihull, England   Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. LIFE Photo Archive. Via Wikimedia. The name Röntgen will be familiar to most for his discovery of X-rays on November 8, 1895. This date is now celebrated as the International Day of Radiology. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was born in Lennep, Germany on March 27, 1845. The…

  • Cinema MD: A History of Medicine on Screen

    Arpan K. Banerjee Solihull, UK   Cover of Cinema MD: A History of Medicine on Screen In 1895 Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays in his lab in Wurzburg and the Lumiere brothers demonstrated cinema in Paris. X-rays revolutionized medical practice by enabling doctors to see inside the body for the first time without resorting to surgery.…