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  • Maria Callas—her inner voice revealed

    Eelco Wijdicks Lea Dacy Rochester, Minnesota, United States   Cover: Prima Donna: The Psychology of Maria Callas. In Prima Donna: The Psychology of Maria Callas, Paul Wink convincingly concludes—based on largely secondary sources—that Maria Callas was not only a wildly ambitious operator who was not known for an emollient manner, but a prime example of…

  • Ida Sophia Scudder

    Angela Joseph New Delhi, India This article is dedicated to the loving memory of my mother, Dr. A.C. Ammini.   Ida Sophia Scudder, founder of the Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. Born in India in 1870, Ida Sophia Scudder belonged to a missionary family. Her grandfather, Dr. John Scudder, was the first…