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  • Book review: Nobel and Lasker Laureates of Chinese descent: In Literature and Science

    Laurence ChanDenver, Colorado, United States Book review: Nobel and Lasker Laureates of Chinese Descent: In Literature and Science, by Todd S Ing, Keith K Lau, Joseph M Chan, Hon-Lok Tang, Angela T Hadsell, and Laurence K Chan (Authors and Editors) This book celebrates notable scholars of Chinese descent with a special focus on the Wolf…

  • Oliver Murray Wrong: A giant in nephrology

    Todd Ing Professor Oliver Wrong (Figure 1), a giant in renal medicine, passed away on February 24, 2012. At the age of 87, his death should not, perhaps, have seemed untimely and shocking. But Oliver remained intellectually productive until the very end, working to expand science’s understanding of how the body regulates fluid, salt and…