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Tag: The Plague of Ashdod

  • The Plague of Ashdod, by Nicholas Poussin

    The Plague of Ashdod, Poussin’s famous painting of 1630, is based on the Old Testament account of an epidemic affecting the Philistines after they had captured the Ark of the Covenant from the Israelites and moved it to their coastal city of Ashdod. According to Samuel 1:5, the Lord first destroyed the statue of their…

  • The Plague of Athens

    Nobody knows what the plague of Athens was. Was it bubonic plague? Was it a viral infection? Speculations have abounded for centuries.   Plague in an Ancient City (Plague of Athens), c.1652-1654 Michiel Sweerts In the first days of summer the Lacedemonians and their allies sat down and laid waste the country. Not many days…