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Tag: The code of Hammurabi

  • Oaths, codes, and charters in medicine over the ages

    L. J. Sandlow Chicago, Illinois, USA   Introduction Medical oaths are solemn pledges taken by medical students as they complete their training and enter the practice of medicine. Oaths and codes summarize the profession’s mission to protect and restore human health. Taking an oath is the hallmark of a physician’s commitment to his profession. Present in…

  • Medicine in ancient Nineveh

    Hussain A. Al-SardarEssex, United Kingdom Introduction Mesopotamia is the land between the Tigris and Euphrates, currently in the southern part of Iraq. Many civilizations developed and vanished in this very fertile part of the world. The first civilization was that of the Sumerians, who invented the cuneiform tablets for writing, by using a stylus to…