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A Journal of Medical Humanities

Tag: Sir Francis Galton

  • The special art of Vienna

    Irving RosenToronto, Ontario, Canada Vienna, capital of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, has always promised intellectual fervor, Strauss waltzes, Schnitzlerian flirtations, Sachertorte, and the beautiful golden women painted by Gustav Klimt (fig. 1).1 Others such as Eduard Pernkopf, head of anatomy at Vienna’s renowned medical school, achieved artistic brilliance by creating a beautiful, internationally acclaimed atlas…

  • Historical reflections on cause, responsibility and blame in medicine

    William R. Albury New England, Armidale, Australia   Debauchery and disease In the early years of British settlement in Australia the colonial authorities regarded drunkenness as one of the major evils of the day. Their preoccupation with this social problem was mirrored by the concern of the colony’s medical men with drunkenness as a cause…