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  • The intricate forest of the neuron

    Silvia Maina Torino, Italia   A Purkinje neuron from the human cerebellum. Ink drawing by Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Via Wikimedia. Public domain. Entering the room, I was welcomed by some small and attractive ink drawings. In the first, like a genealogical tree or a medieval miniature, thin branches stretched to fill the frame. In the…

  • Medical photography in the nineteenth century: from portraits to clinical photography

    Silvia Maina Editamed, Torino, Italia   Figure 1. D. O. Hill and R. Adamson: Woman with a goitre. Since its introduction, photography has found an application in medicine. Many physicians embraced the potential of this technology as a valued adjunct to patient care, research, and education. Medical photography dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, a…