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A Journal of Medical Humanities

Tag: shadow

  • The blue pain

    Shirali Raina Noida, India   Deliverance Photography and digital effects by Shirali Raina His black smudged, The white blurred, Grey and only grey His shadowed world. Breathing in doubt, Breathing out dread. Angels in his heart, And demons in the head. His mind in tatters, Blue, blue the pain. Shunned and ragged, The world of…

  • Lights and shadows and vitamin D

    Adriano Angelucci L’Aquila, Italy   Figure 1. People in the Sun. Edward Hopper. 1960. Smithsonian American Art Museum. In his paintings, Edward Hopper shows us a reality that is the result of a rational contrast between lights and shadows. The summer sun illuminates the natural landscapes but cannot penetrate through the large windows of the…