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Lifeline Express: the magic train hospital of India

Satish Saroshe Indore, India, United States   Photograph of the Lifeline Express is from the Indian Health Initiative blog. Lifeline Express, colloquially known as the Magic Train Hospital of India, is the world’s first modern technologically advanced hospital-train. Established in 1991 and completing twenty-three years of service, it has travelled the length and breadth of […]

Ronald Ross: polymath and discoverer

Satish Saroshe Indore, India   Sir Ronald Ross with microscope. Wellcome Collection via Wikimedia. CC BY 4.0. Sir Ronald Ross received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1902 for discovering the malaria parasite in the stomach of a mosquito, thereby proving that malaria was transmitted by mosquitoes and laying the foundation for future methods of combating the disease. Born in Almora, […]

Dr. Norman Bethune: A tale of military heroism

Satish Saroshe Indore, India   A frontline surgeon, noted medical innovator, and early proponent of universal health care, Henry Norman Bethune was best known for his services in World War I, the Spanish Civil War, and above all for selfless work in war-torn China, treating sick Chinese villagers and wounded soldiers. He was one of […]