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Since I could not stop death, he kindly stopped for me

Ruth Deming Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, United States   Never were two sisters as close as Lori and I. It hardly mattered we were married and had our husbands, our passel of kids, and each earned a nice living at our jobs. Lori owned a string of nail salons in suburban Philadelphia called “Lorelei’s” while I […]

A fine notion

Ruth Z. Deming Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA Think of the worst disease imaginable. That’s what I’ve got. ALS, Lou Gehrig’s. One of 30,000 Americans. Me, a chaired professor of law at Temple University. Maple Oaks has a good reputation. I signed the reams of papers to get in. But, damn, it takes a long time […]

Letter to Johnny from Clara Barton

Clara Barton and Col. John J. Elwell Ruth Deming Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, United States   July 15, 1865 (four months to the day after President Lincoln was shot) Dear Johnny, I am tired. Dog tired. At your behest, I am sending this hastily scribbled note. I am sending this to your aunt’s address so your […]