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  • The medical history of Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan was the fortieth president of the United States and the fifth to be shot at by a would-be assassin. On March 30, 1981, a deranged young man, John Hinckley Jr., fired six bullets at him outside a hotel in Washington, D.C. One bullet struck his chest, ricocheted off his left seventh rib, and…

  • The US hospice movement: redressing modern medicine

    Emily Bethea Chicago, Illinois, USA   Hospices de Beaune Founded in 1443 in Beaune, France by Nicolas Rolin, chancellor of Burgundy, as a hospital for the poor and needy. Photography by Thierry Unlike its modern concept, hospice began as “a house of rest and entertainment” not only “for pilgrims, travelers, or strangers” but also “for…