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Tag: Robert Tigerstedt

  • Erik Jorpes: from Kökar to Helsingfors, Moscow, and Stockholm

    Frank A. Wollheim Lund, Sweden   Fig. 1 Jorpesgården (Jorpes farm) on Kökar where Jorpe was born. (reference 9) Johan Erik Johansson was born in 1894 in Jorpesgården in the village of Overbroad on the small, barren island of Kökar in the archipelago of Åland, a Swedish-speaking part of Finland. His father, Johan Eriksson, was…

  • Harry Goldblatt and the kidney

    In 1928 Dr. Harry Goldblatt applied silver clamps experimentally to the renal arteries of dogs and observed a significant and sustained rise in blood pressure. His main interest as a researcher was to find a cause for hypertension, a disease for which effective treatment was not available at the time. There had been a long-standing…