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“(W)holistic”: the coining and the connotations

Richard Sobel Negev, Israel   Origin of the term Jan Christian Smuts (1870-1950)—general, statesman, twice Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, and philosopher, published his political treatise, “Holism and Evolution,” in 1926. It is said that Albert Einstein thought Smuts was one of only eleven people in the world who understood his Theory […]

Mimetic disease

Richard Sobel Peggy Aylsworth  Be’er Sheva, Israel   Photography by Sami Speaking of Words Try The Faierie Queenie in the original. Classic masterpiece though it may be I need a lesson in Middle English to make my way through virtues of those knights in days gone by, plus the flattery (seeking favor?) of Elizabeth the […]

Those golden years

Richard Sobel Kibbutz Revivim, Israel   The Golden Years Joseph Burrough “I’ve only ever had one wrinkle, and I’m sitting on it.” Jeanne Clement was one hundred ten years old but cheerful and lucid when she made that remark during an interview. She may still have been smoking: she stopped only when her vision became […]