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Tag: Renaissance Europe

  • “Marvailous Cures”: Sympathetic medicine connecting Europe and China

    Richard de GrijsSydney, AustraliaDaniel VuillerminBeijing, China In Renaissance Europe the concept of curing illnesses at a distance did not seem as outlandish as it would today. A newfound interest in classical remedies at a time when new plants were being found in the Americas and Asia ushered in an interest in pharmacological experimentation but also…

  • Paracelsus: physician and alchemist

    Alexandru Gh. SonocSibiu, Romania This painting shows the famous alchemist and physician Paracelsus holding a retort in his hands and standing in front of a furnace on which is placed a glass balloon. In front of the furnace a pair of bellows lie on the floor, which are covered with plates displayed in a chessboard…