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  • Compassion failure, schadenfreude, and the fall of Icarus

    Sylvia R. Karasu New York, United States   “About suffering they were never wrong / The Old Masters…how it takes place / While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along.”1 So wrote W.H. Auden in his poem Musée des Beaux Arts in response to his viewing the painting Landscape…

  • Alden Nowlan, the schizotypal poet

    Shane Neilson Hamilton, Ontario, Canada   I suspect a psychiatrist would have pronounced me a victim of dementia praecox or some such thing1 – Alden Nowlan   Applying a psychiatric diagnosis to the dead is a mug’s game. Alden Albert Nowlan (1933–1983), the critically acclaimed Canadian poet, novelist, and playwright, might agree, if one considered…