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A Journal of Medical Humanities

Tag: Prose

  • Please don’t die in the hospital

    Alexandra DeFelice Falls Church, Virginia, United States   “Dead Flowers” by John Brighenti on Flickr. CC BY 2.0.   I don’t like the way people die in the hospital. I don’t like the color schemes, the paleness that seeps into every empty wall, every window shade, every floor tile; every cafeteria counter, every elevator sign,…

  • It could be bad

    Paul Rousseau Charleston, South Carolina, United States Photo by Jira on Rawpixel.     The doctor poked and probed and prodded and pinched and rubbed his chin and clicked his pen and rose from his stool and breathed a groan, “Something is wrong, and it could be bad, is plausibly bad, is certainly bad, but not…