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The influence of the text De Arte Gymnastica on the resurgence of medical gymnastics in Renaissance Italy: Girolamo Mercuriale (1530-1606)

Philippe Campillo Daniel Caballero Lille, France   Figure 1. Hieronymous Mercurialis (1530–1606). Line engraving by Theodor de Bry, 1528-1598. Credit: Wellcome Collection. (CC BY 4.0) The physicians of ancient Greece were aware that muscular exercise was a source of health and strength, as well as achieving corporal beauty through a balanced relationship between different parts of […]

Jules Amar (1879–1935). A method to help soldiers who were amputated or mutilated during the First World War reintegrate society

Philippe Campillo Ziad Joseph Rahal France   Figure 1. The arthrodynamometer. (Amar, 1915, p. 833) Jules Amar (1879–1935) may not be well known in medical texts, but his work helped initiate two important scientific disciplines: the physiology of work and ergonomics. In The performance of the human machine: research on work (1909)1 Amar wrote of […]

Etienne-Jules Marey (1830–1904). The study of movement in the functions of life: eclecticism and inventiveness

Philippe Campillo Lille, France   “[…] I think, together with Claude Bernard, that movement is the most important act, in that all the functions come into play in order to achieve it.”1    Fig 1. Marey, Etienne Jules (1830–1904) Courtesy of Collection BIU Health Medicine, Open License. Marey had a long and distinguished scientific career […]

Giovanni Alfonso Borelli: De Motu Animalium, an iatromathematic and mechanical understanding of the body and health

Philippe Campillo France   Portrait of Borelli by Pierre-Roch Vigneron. Wellcome Collection via Wikimedia. Public domain. Iatromathematics, also known as iatromechanics or iatrophysics, is above all a designation applied to a school of thought or to a sect of physicians. It claims to be able to subject all living phenomena to the rigors of computation, […]