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Tag: Paul Rooprai

  • Rewiring the brain

    Paul Rooprai Hamilton, Ontario, Canada   Approach as a Medical Illustrator The modern-day perception of mindfulness and meditation is inextricably linked to the mind, which is associated physically with the brain. The rendering of the brain at the top of the poster represents the biological processes that mindfulness promotes in the brain. The renditions of…

  • Anatomical Heart Illustration #1 and #2

    Paul Rooprai Hamilton, Ontario, Canada   ¬†Anatomical Heart Illustration #1 ¬†Anatomical Heart Illustration #2 Artist Statement Anatomical Heart Illustration #1 and #2 are digital renderings created in Adobe Photoshop CS6. The artworks are personally meaningful to me and were inspired by a woman I met in a volunteer placement while in the Health Sciences program…