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  • Homini Verminoso, who created “Orthopaedia”

    Fadlurrahman Manaf Surabaya, Indonesia Figure 1. Nicolas Andry (1658-1742)1 Homini Verminoso (worm man) was the nickname given to the Paris professor Nicolas Andry de Bois-Regard, so called because of his work in parasitology.1,2 In 1700 he wrote a book titled De la generation des vers dans le corps de l’homme. De la nature et des…

  • Edward Leicester Atkinson: Parasitologist, explorer, war hero

    James L. FranklinChicago, Illinois, United States Edward Leicester Atkinson (1881–1929)—known to the members of the Terra Nova Expedition as “Atch”—was senior expedition surgeon of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913. Born in the West Indies to European parents, he studied medicine at St. Thomas Hospital in London. Shortly after joining the Royal Navy, he applied for…