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Miriam’s stoicism

Elizabeth Neglia Durham, North Carolina, United States   Anne Todd Hochberg Chromogenic print 6”x 9” “Refused?” I asked incredulously. She’s in pain on her deathbed. Why would she refuse? Sarah, the night nurse, sleepily rejoined, “I told Miriam to take it, but she won’t. I don’t get it either.” It was 7 am. Sarah was […]

Three Visits

Anthony Papagiannis Thessaloniki, Greece   Prelude She rings at the recommendation of a colleague who knows my interest in lung cancer and palliative care. “It is about my father, doctor.” I suggest that she brings me his films and tests for a briefing before I get to meet him. We arrange an appointment, and she […]

What Matters

Anne Clemente Charlottesville, Virginia, United States   Poet’s statement: When I worked in the Palliative Care Unit, a friend of mine died leaving her child behind. At that time, I had been working on the second half of this poem. Her young death made me deeply wonder how one prepares and grieves for oneself and […]