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The influence of the internet on medical student learning: A personal perspective

P. Ravi Shankar Oranjestad, Aruba   The Medical College sprawls across a rocky hillside at Mulangunnathukavu (a real mouthful of a name) in a village some twelve kilometers from the town of Thrissur in central Kerala. It is a converted tuberculosis sanatorium, its various departments and administrative buildings housed in modified buildings. The kingdom of […]

The humanities in a traditional medical school

┬áP. Ravi Shankar Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands Having been involved with medical humanities for over eight years in medical schools in Nepal and Aruba, I began to think about my own medical education in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The term medical humanities was not in vogue in India during those days, and […]

The doctor and the doll

P. Ravi Shankar Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands   ┬áNorman Rockwell Doctor and doll Norman Rockwell, one of the most famous American artists of the twentieth century, depicted ordinary American life from an optimistic perspective. He once stated that he did not portray the ugly and the sordid, but portrayed life as he would like […]

My grandmother

Ravi Shankar Oranjestad, Aruba The room was simple. A wooden bed on one side, a sofa for visitors on the other. Two unadorned wooden doors faced each other, allowing some cross ventilation. Both opened into long dark and cool corridors as was common in old houses in Kerala. I had often enquired as to why […]