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  • An illuminating experience in my practice

    Gian Battista Danzi Pietra Ligure, Italy   Aevo rarissima nostro Simplicitas (Simplicity is very rare these days) –Ovid, Ars amatoria I, 241-242 Some five years ago, I had the privilege of treating M.A., a visionary and restless soul who used to dabble in writing, and who had been admitted to my Cardiology Division because of…

  • Birth of Adonis

    ¬†George Dunea In his version of an ancient Greek myth, Ovid tells what he calls the horrible story of Myrrha developing an incestuous passion for her father, the king of Cyprus. After becoming pregnant, she flees to escape punishment and appeals to the gods to take pity on her. She is transformed into a myrrh…