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  • COVID time

    Norelle Lickiss Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Who will be the chronicler of this? of how the tower fell, of how the tolling bell sounded the world’s crying.  And how the darkness fell,how deep the night, how barethe city streets, how hardto count and lay the dead.     And how the distanced other ached for touch and how the crowded ones still loved and held…

  • Spinoza and medical practice: Can the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza enrich the thinking of doctors?

    Norelle LickissHobart, Tasmania, Australia As doctors we seek to assuage the distress of our patients by relieving symptoms, guarding personal dignity, and remaining present even as they are dying. Yet despite these lofty goals, there remain facts suggesting profound disquiet among physicians, albeit well disguised: high rates of substance abuse, burnout, suicide . . .…