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Tag: Niyi Awofeso

  • Disciplinary architecture: prison design and prisoners’ health

    Niyi Awofeso Perth, Australia “First we shape our buildings; then they shape us” Winston Churchill, 1943   Architectural plans for NewGate Prison, London, c. 1800 (left) and Church of St. Roch, Lisbon, c. 1578 (right) Creating the built environment, the surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, draws on multiple disciplines, including architecture and…

  • Kindred paradigms: Community arts and health advocacy in HIV/AIDS activism

    Niyi AwofesoAnu RammohanAustralia, Perth Community arts involve an understanding of communities and how art can function as an agent of social change. Community artists employ a broad range of genres and disciplines to reach a wide audience. Defined broadly as the work of communities of people committed to improving their individual and collective circumstances through…