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“God Helps Them That Help Themselves”: Poor Richard and the inoculation controversy

Stewart Justman Missoula, Montana, United States   Poor Richard, 1739. An Almanack for the Year of Christ 1739. Benjamin Franklin Library of Congress Rare Book & Special Collections Division. Via Wikimedia. Before vaccination there was inoculation, and long before opposition to vaccination for Covid-19 there was furious resistance to the practice of inoculating for smallpox. […]

Gregor goes to the doctor

Larry Zaroff Palo Alto, California, United States   Photo by Anthony Kei C on Flickr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. My clinic is far North in Acres, Montana, perversely, a small town near the Canadian border, where, in October, without permission the dark sneaks in early. My work here, after twenty-six years as a cardiac surgeon in […]

Hazel Louise McGaffey, MD

Byron McGaffey Edited by Ann McGaffey Priest River, Idaho, United States   Dr. Hazel McGaffey and patient with tuberculosis Photography by John M. Miller Courtesy of Seattle Post-Intelligencer She was not famous and came from an unlikely medical career wellspring. Hazel Louise McGaffey (née Anderson) was born 21 August 1924 on her pioneer parents’ farm […]