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Tag: mitral valve

  • The power of sound

    Robert SiegelLos Angeles, California, United States Waking from a deep sleep or a dream can trigger a memory with an ethereal quality. This is especially true when the memory is more than 50 years old. I grew up in a home where nocturnal parties were frequent. These gatherings were attended by actors and artists, and…

  • John Brereton Barlow: The “mitral valve” cardiologist

    Jimmy PhamMichigan, United States “To all the students who listen, look, touch and reflect: may they hear, see, feel and comprehend”—John Barlow, Perspectives on the Mitral Valve (1986) Mitral valve prolapse is now recognized as one of the most commonly diagnosed cardiac valvular abnormalities, occurring in 2.4% of the general population using standardized echocardiographic criteria,…