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Raymond de Vieussens

Jeremy Parker Chicago, Illinois, United States   Raymond de Vieussens, the great French physician and pioneer of anatomic work in neurology and cardiology, was born in the village of Vieussens in Rouvergue (c.1635-1641). His father, a lieutenant colonel in the French army, was possibly a bourgeois of Vigan.1,2 Little is known about Vieussens’ upbringing, except […]

Echocardiogram: the first ultrasound picture of the moving heart

Göran Wettrell Sweden   Figure 1. The first recorded echocardiogram from 29 October 1953. Upper panel echo from anterior chestwall (E1) to the posterior wall of the left ventricle (E2). Lower panel echo (E2) of the posterior left ventricular wall recorded at a larger scale (cm).  Image from the South Swedish Society of Medical History. […]

Graham Steell of the murmur

To be remembered for a cardiac murmur is better than not to be remembered at all, at least in the eyes of those seeking immortality for their works on this earth. But as so often happens in such cases, the murmur eponymously linked to the name Graham Steell had been described even earlier by his […]