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  • Dipinto di blu: Turning blue in a Florence hospital

    Giulio Nicita Florence, Italy   A view of Villa Monna Tessa. From the author’s archive. We were in the middle of the 1970s in Florence, Italy. We had concluded the long, tedious years of university study. Real work awaited us in Villa Monna Tessa, a large early 1900s four-story building. It housed several departments of…

  • Discrimination: From Blues to Amazing Grace to sleeves

    Lauren E. Hill Walnut Cove, North Carolina, United States Jack E. Riggs Morgantown, West Virginia, United States   Combat support hospital sailors wearing sleeves down (Army way). Three-star admiral (far right) wearing sleeves up (Navy way). Author (far left), hospital commanding officer. In a “sleeves down” world, life may be easier blending in. “Collective fear…