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  • Medicalization of death and dying: Room for growth in end-of-life care

    Rose Parisi Albany, New York, United States   Artwork by Kristen Merola. In recent years, the way in which Americans cope with death and dying has evolved considerably and become institutionalized and over-medicalized. Whereas over time people have died in their homes, untethered to wires and machinery, modern medicine has turned people into patients and…

  • Can Hippocrates save modern medicine? A plea to return to our roots

    Patrick GuinanChicago, Illinois, United States Modern medicine is in the midst of a morale crisis. In this brief review I will attempt to 1.) explain why, 2.) note that medicine has abrogated control of its destiny, and 3.) suggest that a return to the Hippocratic doctor-patient relationship can save medicine. This crisis is manifested, to…