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Sylvia Plath: the tortured artist?

Kathleen Coggshall San Francisco, California, United States   The image of a chain-smoking, booze-addled writer is a common one, occurring so frequently in modern culture that one begins to wonder if depressed people find solace in creative endeavors, or if the soul-searching process of crafting a sonnet or composing a musical piece puts one at […]

‘The lament of the Old Woman of Beare’—contrasting the passage of life

Basil Brooke Johannesburg, South Africa   Hag’s Head (Ceann Cailli) © Bob Jones   It is well for an island of the great sea: flood comes to it after its ebb; as for me, I expect no flood after ebb to come to me. Today there is scarcely a dwelling-place I could recognize; what was […]