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  • Learning about children

    Canon BrodarMiami, Florida, United States I began my first clinical rotation excited but fearful. Medical students are taught about pediatric pathology and developmental milestones, but nothing about working with children and their families. I had heard the constant refrain that “children are not just little adults” but as I started preparing for pediatrics, I had…

  • “The lament of the Old Woman of Beare”—Contrasting the passage of life

    Basil BrookeJohannesburg, South Africa It is well for an island of the great sea: flood comes to it after its ebb; as for me, I expectno flood after ebb to come to me. Today there is scarcelya dwelling-place I could recognize;what was in floodis all ebbing. From “The Lament of the Old Woman of Beare”,c.…