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  • A trip to the leprosarium: Forgotten people and their hope for treatment

    Robert Schenck Henrietta’s hands Thirteen Congolese patients had gathered under the shade of an acacia tree to wait their turn to come forward and be examined. It was a typical clinic day, and a young woman, perhaps in her early 30’s, sat amongst the older people, her chin supported nonchalantly by her right hand, her…

  • What God gives: Prayers from Africa

    Marcia Whitney-SchenckChicago, Illinois, United States Rev. David Ambola from Mbingo, Cameroon, has remarked that Africans are incurably religious. Indeed, for many in Africa, religion permeates every aspect of their lives, from Christian messages on the rear windows of taxis to hand-crafted signs in hospital waiting rooms. Hand surgeon Dr. Robert Schenck and his wife, photographer…