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  • The role of lullabies in mother-baby attachment

    Özge SuzanNursan ÇinarSakarya, Turkey A lullaby is defined as a sweet, gentle song that is sung to entice a baby to sleep. In Turkish folklore, a mother’s voice is very important for her baby. An example of this can be found in the following text: “Uyusun da büyüsün, ninni, tıpış tıpış yürüsün, Ninni”“Grow up in…

  • Poetry Series

    Simon Perchik East Hampton, NY, USA   Rothko Squared by Brett Jordan Without an address your hands lean across –another crease making the final correction though this note still opens out windblown, fingerprints everywhere on her lips on her breasts, on the bed sheet folded and over, warmed for its nakedness and side by side…