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Outwitting ‘Typhoid Mary’

Lisa Mullenneaux New York City, New York, United States   Illustration from The New York American, 1909 The Irish cook who infected at least forty-eight people with typhoid bacilli, three of whom died, had a surname and a history, but Americans remember her only for her germs. Mary Mallon’s physical stamina and quick wits had […]

Choose your poison: The curious case of Dr. Waite

Lisa Mullenneaux New York, NY, USA   Portrait of Arthur W. Waite With mahogany dining rooms, wall safes, a chauffeur’s lounge, and a curved façade designed to catch summer breezes off the Hudson River, Manhattan’s Colosseum apartments set a new standard of elegant living. Newlyweds Clara and Arthur W. Waite chose one of the deluxe full-floor, […]