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Tag: Las Meninas

  • A man with a psychotic disorder by Diego Velazquez

    Fernando ForcénChicago, Illinois, United States During the modern era, kings employed jesters for the entertainment of monarchs and their guests. These jesters were often people with mental illnesses or congenital metabolic diseases. They were payed for their services and often lived in the royal household. There, they amused the royal family and other members such…

  • Verdi and Velázquez: perceptive sensitization in clinical medical education

    Daniel V. Schidlow Florence Gelo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States   “Observe, record, tabulate, communicate. Use your five senses. Learn to see, learn to hear, learn to feel, learn to smell and know that by practice alone you can become expert.” —Sir William Osler (1849–1919)   A group of third-year medical students enters the office, anxious…