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  • Giovanni Cortesi—Renaissance surgeon of Bologna and Messina

    We owe our gratitude to Dr. Paolo Savoia from the Department of History at King’s College London for his learned review of the life of Giovanni Batista Cortesi (1552-1643), a remarkable early Italian surgeon and physician who deserves to be better known. According to Dr. Savoia, the story of Giovanni Cortesi reads like a fairytale—how…

  • Eliot’s triad: information, knowledge, and wisdom in medicine

    Anthony Papagiannis Thessaloniki, Greece   Where is the Wisdom we have lost in Knowledge? Where is the Knowledge we have lost in Information?  Photography by Les Taylor I first saw these well-known lines by T. S. Eliot1 inscribed as a motto on the flyleaf of a Greek textbook on internal medicine. I was a student…