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  • Forever young: The history and promise of young blood therapeutics

    Kelly Chen Birmingham, Alabama, United States   Bestefaderens Erindringer (Grandfather’s Memories). Painted by Adolph Tidemand. 1865. Via Wikimedia. Public domain. Two mice waddle in unison. They eat together, drink together, and nest together. Their closeness is no act of nature—for on closer inspection a delicate line of sutures is seen connecting them from forelimb to…

  • Medicinal and historical value of Chinese food therapy

    Kelly Chen Birmingham, Alabama, USA   In front of a screen sits a patient who is suffering from vomiting brought on by eating mutually antagonistic foods. A doctor, seated on the left, is explaining to the patient about food incompatibilities. Ming period (1368-1644) Persimmon: cold, sweet, astringent. It opens up the nose and the qi…