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Tag: Juliet Beckman Hubbell

  • Mysterious muse

    Juliet HubbellLittleton, Colorado, United States Few muses are both beautiful and dead, but one such modern muse is L’inconnue de la Seine, a young woman whose drowned corpse so inspired the Parisian morgue personnel who received her body in 1902 that a death mask or masque mortuaire was made of her serenely smiling face. In…

  • Bread of life and death

    Juliet HubbellLittleton, Colorado, United States One of the world’s greatest masterpieces is often and mysteriously excluded from the common pilgrimages educated tourists make in their travels. While crowds will mill about the Mona Lisa in Paris or endure hours of air travel and difficult connections to see The Dying Gaul in Rome, very few take a…