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  • Fossilized tick-borne diseases

    José de la Fuente Ciudad Real, Spain   Fossil tick in Burmese amber (Myanmar, Burma, Cretaceous). Piece and images of the author.  Ticks and tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease and alpha-gal syndrome are a growing burden for human health worldwide.1-3 Alpha-gal syndrome is an emerging allergy associated with tick bites and mammalian meat consumption.…

  • Anasplasmosis: what we can learn from Lam’s surrealistic animalarium

    José de la Fuente Ciudad Real, Spain Figure 1.  Wilfredo Lam.  Untitled.  Ink drawing on paper, 1947 KGJ Collection, Spain Figure 2.  Wilfredo Lam.  Untitled.  Pastel on paper, 1970. KGJ Collection, Spain Figure 3.  Wilfredo Lam and Samuel Feijoo.  Conversaciones.  Ink on paper, 1981.  KGJ Collection, Spain   Epidemiology and art have met several times,…