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  • John Fothergill (1712–1780), eminent physician, reformer, and botanist

    John Fothergill. Portrait by Gilbert Stuart, 1781. Via Wikimedia. Living at a time when physicians had wide interests in science and in particular in botany, John Fothergill collected many species of plants and was particularly interested in their medicinal properties. In 1762 he purchased thirty acres in the East End of London and built a…

  • The migraine aura and royal astronomers

    JMS PearceHull, England, United Kingdom Spleen sighs for ever on her pensive bed,Pain at her side and megrim at her head.— “Rape of the Lock”, Alexander Pope (1688-1744) About one third of migraine sufferers experience an aura1 or warning that begins suddenly, lasts about twenty to forty minutes, and most commonly affects vision, and less often,…