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Tag: history of hospitals

  • Santa Margherita da Cortona

    Susan Brunn Puett J. David Puett Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States   Fig 1. Plaque on Porta Berarda commemorating Margherita and son’s entrance into Cortona. Photo by Sailko on Wikimedia. CC BY 3.0. From humble beginnings to years as a mistress, Margherita altered her path to become a tertiary Franciscan penitent, attending the ill…

  • St. Fabiola and her hospital

    In about AD 380, a wealthy patrician matron gave money for a hospital to be built in Portus, the ancient port of Rome. This hospital was one of the first of its kind in the western part of the Roman empire, designed to provide care for the multitude of poor people living in the capital.…