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Tag: Henry Thoreau

  • Of pine and man: Reflecting on Henry David Thoreau’s sentiment in “Chesuncook”

    James Mathew Robert Pavlik Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States   From the book Hungary by Adrian and Marianne Stokes It is the living spirit of the tree, not its spirit of turpentine, with which I sympathize, and which heals my cuts. It is as immortal as I am, and perchance will go to as high a…

  • The Autopsy II

    F. Inge FaustEast Orange, New Jersey, United States The AutopsyAs from a surreal painting from long agoOr a bizarre story by Henry ThoreauA disquiet inside me begins to growThat will repeatedly return—I know.Spread before me is quite a scene:An Asian man not too tall but lean.He wears a gown that’s sparkling cleanAnd rubber gloves of…