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  • The mystical prophet and his Bride of Christ

    Hansjörg RotheAustria and Klinikum Coburg, Germany In 1648, the year when the exhausted European powers at last ended the Thirty Years’ War, the Orthodox Ukrainian peasants rose against their Catholic Polish overlords and the Cossacks staged murderous pogroms and killed a large number of the local Jews, who were often tax collectors and administrators on…

  • How to acquire something external – Immanuel Kant on kidney-paired donation

    Hansjörg Rothe Würzburg, Germany   Immanuel Kant Literature in its finest examples stands above time. When Shakespeare wrote Hamlet he could not foresee what our daily life would be like at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Neither could he have dreamt of all those technical innovations mankind would achieve in the 400 years to…