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  • Effervesce

    Catalina Florina Florescu  Hoboken, New Jersey, United States   Note: Scroll to continue the comic     CATALINA FLORINA FLORESCU holds a Ph.D. in Medical Humanities from Purdue University. She is the curator of the New Plays Festival at JCTC. Her next and last book is under contract with Routledge, Female Playwrights Intersectionality in Contemporary Romanian…

  • Life is a game: visual metaphors in Brian Fies’s Mom’s Cancer

    Sathyaraj VenkatesanAnu Mary PeterTiruchirapalli, India Motivated by a “desire to give meaning to the lives lived in uncertainty”1 and illustrate the experience of enduring an illness, the creators of comics often resort to visual metaphors that render a patient’s physical and psychological experiences tangible.2,3 In Mom’s Cancer (2006) Brian Fies deploys a series of visual…