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Tag: Gluttony

  • Gluttony: rise, fall, and resurgence of a capital sin

    F. Gonzalez-Crussi Chicago, Illinois, United States     Figure 1. The emblem of gluttony as a woman with protruding belly, carrying wine, and accompanied by a pig. Left: Georg Pencz (1500-1550). Right: Jacques Callot (1592-1635). The notion of gluttony (gula in Latin, meaning throat, gullet) was born among the Desert Fathers. These were hermits who…

  • The unconscious eater – the modern glutton

    Goutham Rao  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States It is a basic truth, well known to physicians and many others, that the size of one’s body is an accurate reflection of how much one eats. As a physician specializing in caring for overweight and obese children, I know how difficult this is for many to accept. Telling…