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The historical hospital of Santa Chiara in Pisa

Paola Lenzi Gianfranco Natale Pisa, Italy    The cloister of the Santa Chiara’s Hospital with the arcades.   In the background the leaning tower The historical Ospedale di Santa Chiara (Santa Chiara’s Hospital), located beside the beautiful Square of Miracles, traces its roots to A.D 325, when the Emperor Constantine issued a set of rules […]

Pacini’s corpuscles and occult sciences

Gianfranco Natale Paola Lenzi  Italy   Fig 1.Title page of Nuovi organi scoperti nel corpo umano Pacini, 1840; see note 5. Source: Google Books The year 2012 was the bicentenary of the birth of the anatomist and pathologist Filippo Pacini. Born in Pistoia (Tuscany) in 1812, he studied and worked there until 1840; then moved […]

Vesalius in Pisa

Gianfranco Natale Rosalba Ciranni Paola Lenzi Pisa, Italy   Andreas Vesalius was born in 1514 in Bruxelles and studied in Paris but graduated in Padua. He published De humani corporis fabrica in 1543, and then spent time conducting anatomical dissections in Bologna, Pisa, and Florence before becoming the private physician of Emperor Charles V. The […]